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St. Louis School In National Spotlight For Music Video

ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- A St. Louis alternative school has received national attention for its comprehensive program. Now students at Innovative Concept Academy, better known as ICA, are on the national stage again because of a music video.


Students wrote and produced a music video called ‘Do Right Swag'. The video is getting national attention because of its positive message. ICA is an alternative school for students who have made wrong choices, but are getting on the right track by meeting high expectations.

Beyond the Sound Booth: 2 students use music ... their future 

ST. LOUIS PUBLIC RADIO (NPR)-- Music comes naturally for Arthur Ross. He’s been immersed in hip-hop since he was a child. Now he’s hoping one of his songs might help with his college goals. “I hope this rapping takes me to the BET stage. If it doesn’t take me that far, I hope it can give my family a better life,” Ross said.

Ross is one of four finalists in a songwriting competition sponsored by Mentors in Motion, an organization aimed at developing students through art, science, math, reading and technology.

From Beats To Business

ST. LOUIS AMERICAN (MO)-- The students are taking part in the Awareness Lab, a 12-week extracurricular club where elementary, middle and high school students are taught the fundamentals of music, including how to create melodies, hooks and beats for the music they make. 

The program is run by Mentors In Motion, a local nonprofit that offers science, art, math and reading resources to students in the St. Louis area. Mentors In Motion founder and CEO Alandon Pitts said the program’s high school and middle school students learn how to use professional music distribution services such as TuneCore and SoundExchange. The services allow artists to upload their own music online and receive royalties. 

Hollywood Heights Students Create Music Video

COLLINSVILLE KAHOKS (ILL)-- Hollywood Heights students created a song and music video titled “That’s Major” to promote the importance of success in school.  The video was a project with St. Louis based program Mentors in Motion.

According to their website: “Mentors in Motion (MIM) was founded in 2009 in conjunction with other child and youth serving organizations to coordinate and facilitate programming to meet the needs of at risk youth aged from 11 -17 years in the St Louis Metropolitan area.”

NPO Mentors In Motion & SLPS Launch Songwriting Contest

DELUX MAGAZINE(STL)-- It takes a village to ensure our youth will become the best they can possibly be. With community organizations increasing, there hasn’t been a better time to chip in to help make the community a better place. An organization like Mentors In Motion, is being raved about across the country for saving trouble youth from desolate futures and putting them on the right path.

Mentors In Motion offers a variety of programs to aid students in finding their hidden talents and applying them to their education. One of the popular programs they offer is the music program. Students who participate in this program have had the opportunity to record and produce several inspiring songs to help motivate one another.

ICA Incorporates A New Program for Alternative Students

DELUX MAGAZINE(STL)-- Innovative Concept Academy is ushering a new era in the St. Louis community. Kicking their year off right, the school will be incorporating a College and Career Assurance Program for students who want to continue pursuing their diploma and move on to higher education. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Innovative Concept Academy is a one of -a-kind school. It is the only school in America overseen by a court system dedicated to the education and rehabilitation of delinquent teens.  

St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Jimmie M. Edwards opened ICA in the fall of 2009, after becoming frustrated with seeing juveniles constantly returning to his courtroom. Also serving as the city’s Public Safety Director, Edwards’s vision was to create a buffer to the “School to Prison Pipeline” for challenged students.

MIM Continuing To Uplift Students Through Music

DELUX MAGAZINE(STL)-- Never underestimate the power of music.  It can entertain, inspire, uplift and educate people and we shouldn’t take this magical art for granted. Recently, I learned about a very cool songwriting competition that targets kids who often face economic and educational disparities. The 2nd Annual Mentors In Motion 2019 Songwriting Competition is an incredible opportunity for young people  enrolled in City and County High  Schools.  The contest  is just one of many activities facilitated by the Mentors in Motion (MIM) nonprofit organization.

 I just watched a video (“Important Freestyle”) from last year’s winners of the Mentors in Motion Songwriting Competition – Charles Sumner High School (aka Yung Saint Louis). I was blown away by how well executed the music was!  The production (provided by MIM) was top-notch. It was as catchy and melodic as anything on your current playlist. Proving that education doesn’t have to be boring, the kids rapped and sang with the skill and flavor that flourishes in urban communities from coast to coast and the principal, Dr. Michael Triplett, even dropped few nice bars!  

STL LIVE: Mentors In Motion

STL TV(MO)-- My next guest is the founder of Mentors in Motion, a local nonprofit organization supporting area students by reintroducing the love of music back into schools and providing a $5,000 scholarship. Mentors in Motion was created to strengthen the community by mentoring youth in a safe place to dream, grow, and enhance the lives of youth ages 11-17. This organization uses music, innovation, and self leadership to inspire students to be creative and focused for the upcoming Songwriting competition.

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